I have a pocket full of chemical reactors which can reach a temperature of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit within a half-second of initiation, and can be used to start many highly destructive reactions.

But don't tell anyone I own a book of matches, okay?
Just trying to get off at the right stop.
Jittery jjjjjjjjiterry
So apparently I'm a cow abuser and she's a sheep killer.
I can't make me love you.
I just wish I could start a relationship about twelve years in
when you don't really have to try anymore, and you could just
sit around together and goof on TV shows and then go to bed
without anybody trying any funny business.
How do we know when the curve is touching itself?
Glorified math major.
I'm having some kind of problem. I keep wanting to eat food...
Dinner is good for you.
We can baby we can do the one night stand.

Daniel Powter * 10.2.2010