There isn't enough booze in the world.
Just a little validation would be nice.
What is the underlying meaning of this?
Missing some red meat moment.
Habit forming
I have a pocket full of chemical reactors which can reach a temperature of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit within a half-second of initiation, and can be used to start many highly destructive reactions.

But don't tell anyone I own a book of matches, okay?
Does it hurt when two cacti hug each other?
You are my mate. <3
No girls in Taiwan!
A pizza with depth a and radius z has a volume of pi z z a.
- A mellow, cool, unintentionally mysterious Scorpio.
- Coder by day, coder by night. An unknown computer poet.
- Fatally attracted to music, art, television and games. Jack of all trades, expert in none.
- Foreign born, 100% New Yorker.
- Chinese ancestry, American upbringing. Torn between both worlds.
- Walks alone in life. Searching for someone who'd understand.