How do we know when the curve is touching itself?
Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet.
I'm about to fall out of the end of the scale.
No girls in Taiwan!
Every man is the hero of his own history.
Never trust a computer you can't repair yourself.
People don't change.
Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.
So you can be better than everybody else and smirk at them a lot.
One year of pain, heartbreak and loneliness.
- A mellow, cool, unintentionally mysterious Scorpio.
- Coder by day, coder by night. An unknown computer poet.
- Fatally attracted to music, art, television and games. Jack of all trades, expert in none.
- Foreign born, 100% New Yorker.
- Chinese ancestry, American upbringing. Torn between both worlds.
- Walks alone in life. Searching for someone who'd understand.