Leaving you to become a kite flyer.
Does it hurt when two cacti hug each other?
No girls in Taiwan!
We're not interested in changing our long distance service provider. Goodbye.
I plan to live forever or die trying.
A computer is merely an interesting string of sensations.
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.
The years of peak mental activity are undoubtedly between the ages of four and eighteen. At four we know all the questions, at eighteen all the answers.
How do we know when the curve is touching itself?
The World Ends With You
- A mellow, cool, unintentionally mysterious Scorpio.
- Coder by day, coder by night. An unknown computer poet.
- Fatally attracted to music, art, television and games. Jack of all trades, expert in none.
- Foreign born, 100% New Yorker.
- Chinese ancestry, American upbringing. Torn between both worlds.
- Walks alone in life. Searching for someone who'd understand.