Do you know Beethoven?
Hell is not hell if there were no hope.
Just trying to get off at the right stop.
Don't shoo the boyfriend...
My code is compiling.
There's no such thing as who deserves what in love.
Never gonna be ok.
Don't try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie.... Study computers instead.
Missing some red meat moment.
All is fair in love and war.
- A mellow, cool, unintentionally mysterious Scorpio.
- Coder by day, coder by night. An unknown computer poet.
- Fatally attracted to music, art, television and games. Jack of all trades, expert in none.
- Foreign born, 100% New Yorker.
- Chinese ancestry, American upbringing. Torn between both worlds.
- Walks alone in life. Searching for someone who'd understand.